What Equality Will Look Like

I have a hobby. It is asking Feminists what their vision of equality will look like, as it is grossly irresponsible to embark on a mission without a clearly defined end point. I am yet to get a proper answer. I want equality too, however, I know what it will look like:

When there is an assumption of 50/50 shared parenting in the Family Courts.

When there is an equitable amount of money and effort expended researching cures for ‘male’ illnesses and ‘female’ illnesses. When there are male contraceptives.

When men are valued by society, and we see as much virtue signalling about that as we do regarding women’s inherent value- and as little misandry as we see misogyny.

When we have equitable services for male victims of DV.

When men and women receive equal sentences for equivalent crimes.

When we get rid of affirmative action quotas and let people succeed on the basis of their merits.

When the Women’s and Equalities Committee drops the ‘Women’s’ from their title and the UN Women’s department is either dropped or equal led with one for men.

When we embark on concerted efforts to make the world safer for men, as well as women.

When each sex is protected from infant genital mutilation.

When ‘forced to penetrate’ is classified as ‘rape’ in the criminal justice system.



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