The House Says Feminism is Outdated

I took part at a debate at Bath University titled ‘The House Says Feminism is Outdated’. Here are my opening and closing statements:


Pro-equality does not equal pro-feminism. In fact, the actions and rhetoric of Feminism are anti-equality; and since equality is a progressive value: the house is correct: Feminism is outdated.

It’s actually regressive and also toxic, a danger to men and boys, women and girls and society at large.

The dictionary definition of Feminism, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes” is wrong. What it should say is “the belief that women are disadvantaged as compared to men, that this is a societal problem and needs to be fixed.”

But if you take even a cursory glance at the state of society and the stat’s, it becomes clear that women are by far the privileged sex.

Only women are protected from the abuse that is circumcision.

Women have more reproductive rights and, where a child is born, it’s often effectively up to the grace of the mother whether the father can be involved in the child’s life at all.

Men make up around half of DV victims but receive essentially none of the support.

There is a justice gap that sees men receiving harsher sentences for the same crime as women- and the feminist response to all these issues is to keep campaigning for more privileges for women, such as Baroness Corston’s campaign to close women’s prisons.

Finally, men account for 80% of suicides and this is unsurprising when you bear in mind that, in the words of John Waters, “They live in a culture which terrorises them, they live in a culture which demonises them (and which hides this under all kinds of pseudo-respectable and ‘toleration-based’ ideologies)”.

And, Feminism is supremely powerful. On the one hand, Feminists have installed themselves in all kinds of positions of power and influence: in government, the civil service, the criminal justice system, education and the media etc. So, for example, that Feminist MP Nusrat Ghani can propose The Crime (Aggravated Murder of and Violence against Women) Bill which would outlaw the term ‘honour killings’, require British authorities to prosecute those who beat and murder British women abroad, help bring the women home, and pay for the repatriation of the bodies of those murdered. On the other hand, 100 years of Feminist propaganda has furnished it with power over the hearts and minds of society so much so that when Philip Davies stood up and suggested that the bill was a good idea but that it should be gender neutral so as to protect the 24% of male victims of honour based crimes, he was jeered at by the entire House and his reason disregarded- and this has caused NO public outrage.

Today, Feminism has NOTHING to do with equality. If we want to pursue equality (and I think we should – and, unlike every feminist I’ve asked, can tell you what equality will look like); we need to put Feminism in it’s place (with the other religions)- and we will. We are in a culture war, a battle of ideas, and good ideas have a history of winning out in our civilisation. We won our battle against the subjection of women (and thank God for that) but, as John Stuart Mill said, we must not “suppose that the barbarisms to which men cling the longest must be less barbarisms than those which they earlier shake off” and now commit ourselves to fighting the subjection of men.


Equality is great, who wouldn’t want it? Everybody does. Equality- before the law, in dignity and well being- is the goal we should be striving for but Feminism at this point in time is not helping us reach it, it’s actually getting in the way. It has evolved from a fight for women’s legal and social equality to one for special privileges and affirmative action.

It’s time to speak truth to power and let Feminism know that it’s fulfilled it’s useful purpose, thank you very much. Egalitarianism can look after the interests of women and girls but Feminism has proven that it can’t and won’t look after the interests of men and boys. This state of affairs is no longer good enough.

Feminism is out, Egalitarianism is in.


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