Launch of Men’s Rights Ireland

I’m reblogging this post so I can publish a response to it. After the best part of a week and several comments made after mine being approved mine is still awaiting moderation which I think is very disappointing. If you’re interested in politics but absolutely refuse to involve yourself in any discussion that doesn’t back you up 100% you’re just a fanatic.

Not A Feminist

Time to get serious about Men’s Rights in Ireland, I’ve been blogging for about 8 months, maybe a bit longer – though it seems like a lifetime, I started out as a complete novice, am still learning – slowly – but one thing I already knew before I started this journey into the world of online Men’s Rights activism, was that the core message of the Men’s Human Rights Movement was simple – yet profoundly urgent and necessary.

That Men’s rights are Human Rights, and that the concept of Human Rights as the absolute foundation of any civilised society has become tarnished, had become sullied and stained by decades of attacks and assaults upon it by feminism, and by feminists, who wouldn’t know a Human right if it jumped up and bit them on their arses.

Feminism has divided and conquered, has created a gulf of almost unimaginable distance between men…

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One thought on “Launch of Men’s Rights Ireland

  1. elizabethkhobson
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 15:51:22

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi, here’s my post ‘On Being a Feminist Men’s Rights Activist’

    So the ‘innocent till proven guilty’ tenet for example is something I defend from Feminists regularly and too many of them think that it should be dismissed in sex offence trials but the ‘campaign’ is essentially a waste of their time because most feminists and most of society just aren’t that stupid. The whole rape culture thing has famously driven a serious of unfortunate men through horrendous court cases which is awful but as far as I’m concerned it’s also having a detrimental effect on women whose memories are being transformed from things they feel they might’ve done differently to memories of being abused. They’re willingly stripping themselves of autonomy in order to fit in with the dogma of the times and recasting themselves as the weaker sex undoing the great work done in the Sexual Revolution. Work done in part by feminists, affecting women, hence it is still a feminist issue.

    I disagree that feminism has created a gulf between the sexes, not outside of activist discussion. And actually I think that your ‘loathing’ of feminism is just as divisive. I loathe the beliefs of many feminists who wouldn’t, as you say ‘know a human right if it bit them on the arse’ but I believe that there is an egalitarian feminism that won us the vote, that still has a lot of work to do around the world where women are way behind and that values men. The core of all feminisms is not radical feminism any more than the core of Men’s Rights Activism is misogyny, as it’s being portrayed in many places.

    Father’s rights are being ignored but that’s just a symptom of a deeper problem of children’s rights being ignored as they are viewed as property. As investigated by Bell Hooks in ‘Feminism is for Everybody’.

    PS. You’re in Ireland? Hello? Your abortion laws are a disgrace, you need feminists to sort that shit badly, religious nuts.

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