Why Keeping Prostitution Illegal is Immoral

So, you can take money from someone in exchange for exposure to carcinogenic UV rays in a tanning salon. As a private detective you can make a living from spying on law abiding members of the public. If you’re a plastic surgeon you can charge astronomical fees to provide entreated mutilation (I’m particularly thinking of labiaplasty here which the Society of Gynecological Surgeons warns “can cause painful scarring and irreparable nerve damage impeding sexual function”). It’s perfectly acceptable even to have sex for money… If you’re being filmed and are happy to publish the product for the delectation of any number of voyeurs. But if you wish to embark upon a direct peer-to-peer agreement in which a person who wants sex pays another to provide it that’s illegal!

Who consenting adults choose to have sex with is absolutely their own business as are their motives for doing so. For many women, especially with a good head for business, it can be an excellent economic choice. Were prostitution legal it could also be excellent economically for the country who could rake in taxes.

A situation that would be starkly different from the current one where resources are poured down the drain by a police force unsure what they’re seeking a lot of the time and coming up against a wall of silence from people too afraid of legal ramifications or those from their peers or employers. Bringing prostitutes into legitimate society would enable them to really engage in self-policing the business for affronts such as trafficking and abuse.

Recently porn stars Cameron Bay and Rod Daily came out as having contracted AIDs, and there are believed to be another two victims in that industry, despite tests every 14 days. Presumably prostitution has similar risks and yet it is completely unregulated. Surely that’s a dereliction of care from a society who knows what’s going on underground. In addition to ensuring maximum protection from STD’s; having prostitutes in regular contact with health professionals would also create opportunity to identify and establish treatment for other issues such as addiction or mental health problems and to provide the most up-to-date advice available.

Bearing in mind that these women working as prostitutes are daughters and potentially mothers I think it’s deplorable that we push them to the fringes of society exposing them to unnecessary dangers and outcasting them from our communities. It is naive to imagine that we can eradicate the “oldest profession in the World” so please let’s start working towards minimising the potential harm individuals can face.


3 thoughts on “Why Keeping Prostitution Illegal is Immoral

    • Hahaha! Thank you! That’s what I think about everything I say… With hindsight I think maybe it’s slightly simplistic… I think we’d still have a lot of trouble trying to protect the victims of the sex trade (although I definitely think legalisation would help a little bit…)

      I keep trying to think of ways of helping the most vulnerable but every avenue my thoughts go down comes up against problems. My heart breaks to think of them. What can we do?

  1. Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, and last time I checked they did not have a rampant STD problem. The brothels in Nevada are well-regulated, clean, pleasant, and usually run by former prostitutes and staffed by independent contractors who make their own hours and choose their own clients. And the taxes on the brothels (coupled with the taxes on gambling) allow Nevada to get by with no state sales tax.

    But prostitution is illegal solely for purposes of enforcing a particular morality, so the fact that there’s no rational reason to outlaw it is largely irrelevant.

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